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Sitting in my small Vape Shop in the seaside town of Margate, I knew that my customers deserved more than I had to offer; more flavours, wider variety of strengths and sizes and most importantly, the highest quality of liquids available. There was no one brand that offered me this and trying to stock a little of everything wasn’t keeping me, as a shop owner, or my customers satisfied.

Never one to let a challenge get the better of me, I knew I had to do something, I knew there had to be an answer. That answer was for me to create my own brand. The challenge was on.

The name was easy. My Irish heritage and my childhood holidays staying with family were all I needed for inspiration. I reminisced about running through the green fields of Cork and the stories told to me as a boy as I rode on the Jaunting Carts of Killarney. It had to be all about the Leprechauns!

Next came the branding. I enrolled the help of friend and top branding expert Bruno Tilley to take the product to a stand-out level. We didn’t just want a logo, we wanted to create pieces of art that would tell the story of each flavour and make the brand instantly recognisable. Add to that exceptional illustrators, passion and individuality and Leprechaun Liquids was born.

Whilst the name and the imagery were being developed, I worked tirelessly day and night with top flavourist specialists, including Michelin Star Chef’s, to develop 35 dynamic flavours of the highest quality. I not only wanted new flavours to excite an already saturated market but also to ensure that the original and more common flavours in the range stood out from their competitors.

The way to do this was by simply producing the best tasting liquids on the market - there are plenty of strawberries out there but only one Leprechaun Liquid’s strawberry…no comparison!

The name, connected to my roots, the exceptional artwork and branding, the distinctive flavours of the highest quality were perfect. The final piece of the puzzle for me to achieve my goal was to ensure that all the flavours were available in all strengths and all sizes, with some speciality pieces such as the CBD liquids and the 9mg Nic Shots. Surely that was it, nothing more could be added to this project to make it any more unique…or could it?

Working with the best illustrators and animators, my team and I utilised state of the art ‘Augmented Reality Technology’ to add something special to the brand. Customers can simply download the free ‘Artivive’ App to their phones, point it at any Leprechaun Liquid logo and watch our little leprechaun family come to life!

Leprechaun Liquids is not just another brand, it is my passion and I have put my all into it to ensure that you, the customer get everything that you want and need from a vaping product. Whether you are an individual customer, or you are buying wholesale, our quality and our service will remain the same. I know that once you have tried them, these ‘Grand Tastin’ Vapes’ will have you jigging all the way home!


Stephen O’Keeffe

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